Wednesday, December 8, 2010

New life will start soon

Hurmm,it's been a while im not post anything here..quit busy with some stuff..biasa lah kalau dah nama Adult tu,memang busy..susah nak cari masa untuk berblog..

Omg,teringat pula masa sy join Audition Akademi Fantasia 7,dari dulu lg nak post pasal tu tp tak kesampaian, juga Audition ni erk..interesting for me..even it is the first time,but i'm quit proud of my self coz everything ok semasa Audition...nah,nie gmbr sy time Audition dulu..

until now i still kept m Audition number as a luck for me.stage 2 is quit impressive for a first comer..i will try this again at next season..ready to bring Malaysian Entertainment Industries to the next level!!yeahh!