Tuesday, March 31, 2009


kali nie owner blog nak post kan pasal shopping semata-mata nak pakai time Majlis Mesra Pelajar di kolej..fuuhh,penat nyer seharian shoping nak beli baju nie..smua nya cantik2,smart2..jadi rambang mata...pergi di Spring la pergi Bouleavard la Sarawak Plaza la..kepak sangat2..akhir nya mata nie melekat kat satu baju nie..kat kedai VERSINO di Sarawak Plaza..
Dah penat2 jalan tu,sempat singgah di BigApple..pua rasa nya dpt makan Donut kegemaran saye..keh..keh..keh..

wah...lapar plak tgok donut tuuu...arrrgghh

Monday, March 23, 2009

simple personality quiz...

Take this simple quiz:www.quizbox.com/personality

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You are mature, reasonable, honest and give good advice. People ask for your comments on all sorts of different issues. Sometimes you might find yourself in a dilemma when trapped with a problem, which your heart rather than your head needs to solve.

I've done it,so how bout YOU?

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

my ex ehem2 go to Bali

uurrgghh...my ex go to BALI lah..damn.!!
rupa2 nya dier pg Bali dgn bf baru dier..
peduli lah..ko nak g Bali ker,nak g mampus ker,suka hati ko la..
aku peduli aper...*kantoi jeles
hehehe..xper,satu hari nanti sy akan ke BALI...
ko xyah la nak sombong2...blaja blom habis lg dah nak sombon2..
aku x heran la..aku boley pg tempat yg lebih best dr tu lg..
sy nak pg dgn ayg sy..
org yg lebih layak dpt CINTA sy.(layak ker)..hehe
pegi mati la ko...
harap2 time konak balik AUSTRALIA nanti,flight ko terhempas
hahaha,baru padan muka ko tu..
biar di mkn oleh ikan paus,ikan jaws or whatever lagi lah...

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


eerrm,tgok jer title mcm best kan..Big Apple,Secret Recipe dan Starbuck merupan tempat lepak sy and the gang ler..hehe..tu jer lah tmpat yg sy n the gang slalu pg..

mmg fevret la..
pic d atas Big Apple for 6 ketul RM14..

berbaloi gak lah..sedap,terutama ais cool punye..


ayg,jum g Big Apple?


Secret Recipe???

jarang skit la g Secret Recipe nie..klu g sana,just nak mkn

"Cheesezz Cake" dier jer...hehehe..SEDAAPP..NYUMM2

nah,nie dier Cheesezz Cake nyer...sedap siot.!!!

wah,lapar pulak tgok eh...

skrang plak cite pasal Starbuck plak...

tgok puas2 pic di bwh...nyumm2..

nie air "Frappucino Ice Blanded"..

ayg,can u buy it for me?

hehe..tak malu lah sy nie..haha..

k lah,sampai sini jer cite psal semua nie..



Sunday, March 8, 2009

malu nya aku..

hari ini sy telah mencipta rekod keran air mata ku jatuh berlinangan buat kali pertama nya dlm tahun ini since my grandpa died last 2 years....sy terasa teramat malu,kerana aku anggap diri ku ni jijik dan tak layak untuk bersama org yg ku amat cintai...aku tahu ini bkn salah mu,tp di dalam lubuk hati ini terasa malu yg teramat sgt..aku ialah org yg sgt sensitif,mana2 perkataan yg aku x suka,akan mudah membuat aku sedih,kecewa..tp,pernah ka kau terfikir bagaimana perasan aku?pernah kah kau terfikir apa yg akan berlaku?..aku juga manusia biasa yg mempunyai perasaan..aku juga mempunyai hati...
tp pernah kah kau fikir smua itu?
aku ingin meminta maaf kerana aku x dpt nak jawab panggilan mu td..aku terasa malu untuk berkomunikasi dgn mu lagi...maaf kan aku sayang..di dlm lubuk hati ini,aku amat mencintai mu lebih dr segala nya..namun apa kan daya untuk ku menerus kan hubungan ini lagi..jiwa ku amat terseksa bila sesaat tak mndgr suara mu,wajah mu sayang..aku bkn nya sengaja untuk tidak menjawab panggilan mu dan x membalas msg mu itu..aku ingin menjwb,tp rasa hati ini tersangat malu..
aku harap kau akan mengerti sayang ku,dgn apa yg aku tulis di blog ku yg serba hodoh ini..
hanya di blog ku ini ku dpt meluahkan perasaan ku yg terpendam sekian lama nya..
hanya blog ini menjadi teman ku utk mndgr cerita tentang hidup ku...
jangan tinggal kan daku sayang..
tampa mu hidup ku tak bermakna...
tampa mu jiwa ku terseksa...
wahai sayang ku..
tahu kah kau,
ku terimu dgn seadanya,
aku tak mementingkan rupa,
aku tak mementingkan cara hidup mu,
aku hanya penting kan keihklasan hati mu..


1.two words to describe urself right now?
2. At what age do you want to die?
i cant decide now..
ajal di tangan tuhan
3. what's your favorite number/s?
the number 1 im a loyalty to my partner..
the number 10 thats mean..lupa ler..hehe
4. Do you wish to have people crying or laughing during your funeral?
damn F**K...hell no..
i more prefer them just smile when i die..
5. last number of your phone number?
very the lucky number..
6. who was the first person that came to your mind as you woke up this morning?
my ayg...Mr.Harrie
i just want u to know how much ILOVEU..
kmk trima ktk seadanya..
so,pls dont hurt my feeling..
kmk nak ktk trima kmk seadanya..
7. who was the last person to make you laugh
ayg kmk..
sometime,nya juak molah kmk sedih,sakit hati..
n macam2 gik lah...
8. what song is on your mind right now?
bila rasaku ini rasamu-KERISPATIH
di tuju khas utk ayg...
9. what was the last thing you wrote on a straight line?
last 2 days,in my note..
10. Are you in love?
love u ayg..


SOALAN1:i am

hensem ker.??hehe

SOALAN2: place that i wish to go


sunguh indah pemandangan nya..i would i like spend my time

with my ayg here...hehe

Soalan 3:My faveret food
laksa sarawak

fuuhhh..mmg sedah..the best laksa in malaysia..keh3..

Soalan 4:My feveret drinks
Teh O ais

sedep nyer...plus extra susu..yeahh!!

Soalan 5:My University/College
Multimedia College

soon,will be known as Multimedia University Sarawak Campus

Soalan 6:My Faveret Movie

BrokeBack Mountain

best giler cite nie..alang kah syok nyer sy dan ayg mcm nie..hehehe

Soalan 7:I was borned in...


this is where i was born...proud to be sarawakian

Soalan 8:My hobby


hehe..that was my partime job...hehe

Soalan 9:My Feveret Kaler


nice right??hehehe...

Soalan 10:I wish to be a...


wow,so hawt man..but my ayg still num 1..love u...

******uurrdd,akhir nya abis gak TAGGED nie..

punya lah lama sy buat TAG nie..

hehe..anyway,selamat membaca...




Nice right..that was my LOVE formula..

haha..quite funny..on 7th march 2009,finally i met him..

let me discribe abit about the very lucky person..

eerrm,abit kontot(sorry ayg)hehe..but i like it..bdn berisi,nice to hug..


(my another formula)haha..

pendek kata,he perfect for me,but not 100% perfect la..

coz nobody perfect in this world..like me too..

i really LOVE him..

ayg,i love u so much..pls,jgn tggal kan daku..

hehe,jiwang la plak...

11.58pm.8th march o9.Sunday

Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Very Boring "Eden Lake"

uurrgghh...very the boring movie of the year..of the yer giteeww..hehe...bila tgok poster,mcm menarik perhatian dgn title cerita nya yg menarik..tp bila tgok,mula2 mmg la best..tp dah nak ending tu..fuuhh,HAMPEH betul...x sangka pulak yg perempuan tu plak yg mati akhir nya..pepandai jer kan..hehe..boring giler cite nie..punya la sengsara pompuan tu nak survive,last2 mati gak akhir nya..sy paling benci tgok geng budak2 tu..nak jd samseng tak bertmpat...

bg yang ade rasa niat nak tgok cite nie,lebih baik jangan..nyesal tgok tau..hehe